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    Workshop – PREMIS
Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies
5-6 February 2009


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The PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata is a specification that provides a key piece of infrastructure for digital preservation activities, playing a vital role in enabling the effective management, discovery, and re-usability of digital information. Preservation metadata provides provenance information, documents preservation activity, identifies technical features, and aids in verifying the authenticity of digital objects. PREMIS is a core set of metadata elements recommended for use in all preservation repositories regardless of the type of materials archived, the type of institution, and the preservation strategies employed. It is maintained by the PREMIS Editorial Committee and is currently in version 2.0, which was issued in April 2008. This tutorial provides an introduction to PREMIS and its data model, a walk-through of the Data Dictionary, examples of PREMIS metadata in real situations, and implementation considerations, particularly using PREMIS in XML and with the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS). It will also explore strategies for using controlled vocabularies with PREMIS semantic units. There will be examples of PREMIS usage and time for questions and answers.

Attendees should be involved in implementing and managing preservation systems in various kinds of repositories, including libraries, archives, museums, government agencies and other types of cultural heritage institutions. Participants are expected to have some involvement in and knowledge about digital preservation and some familiarity with XML and METS.


By Rebecca Guenther (Library of Congress) and Angela Dappert (British Library):

Understanding & Implementing the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata
[file .pdf - 876 KB]

Semantic Units Pertaining to Objects
[file .pdf - 268 KB]

Agents, Rights, Events
[file .pdf - 120 KB]

Implementation Issues
[file .pdf - 224 KB]

Events Exercise
[file .pdf - 24 KB]

Objects Exercise
[file .pdf - 60 KB]

Data di inserimento: 27/04/2009
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